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I'll never understand the people who constantly get retarded and engage in the "woooing" he speaks of.

I guess can some people can just let themselves go and not care more easily than others.

I understand kissing on the 1st date is normal here - but I just can't do it.

I am not comfortable kissing an almost stranger, it takes a bit of time for me to feel attracted - any suggestions on how I can get to know the person better, without discouraging them (with the prospect of dating without kissing)?

I say kind-of because I don't really know for sure, I didn't grow up immersed in my culture either (everything I know is hearsay).

(I have never initiated the conversation, so not sure if I should do it or am I supposed to wait for him to ask? This is especially confusing because I "met-up" with a guy over a dozen times and he never brought it up... Are there even (non-religious) guys out there would even be okay with that?

They were all in their mid 40's, but while he was focused on work, his career, and various professional associations he joined, the women were all divorced, all had their children at the baby sitters and were living it up like they were 24 again. And here they are thinking it's fun or something." He didn't leave in disgust, but because of boredom and having "been there done that." However, the utter lack of anything genuine or intellectually stimulating ultimately led him to the observation and an explanation why he stayed in and had no incentive to even try to go out to date: The amount of investment required to be successful in dating was not worth what he'd get in return.

Boozing, drinking "woooing." He said, "I just don't get it. And that is why this "Good Man" ™ was at home with his tea, instead of out there looking in the dating market.

There’s even a Facebook group called 'I Hate the Word Moist' which boasts nearly 7,000 followers, and in a recent Mississippi State University poll, 'moist' was named as one the ugliest words in the English language.

Thibodeau and his fellow researchers initially believed that it was the hard '-oist' sound that provoked disgusted reactions, but they noted in a 2014 study that participants did not have the same response to rhyming words such as 'hoist' or 'foist'.

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