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And the best bit is it won't break the bank either.

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The event took place with residents and families from the Bucks County area, and Ivanka made the case for how tax reform can benefit working-class and middle-class families.

President Trump's proposed tax reform has been criticized for disproportionately favoring the rich, while Republicans have sought to promote it as favoring the middle class.

He loaded his belongings into the trunk of a white SUV, which was waiting for him outside.

Meanwhile, Ivanka is due on Capitol Hill today, where she'll discuss the child tax credit with Republican House members and senators.

While we are based in LA, we have male and female members all around the globe.

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However, some have pointed out that it is unlikely that store-bought dye would make someone's hair three shades lighter, especially after the hair was colored blue.

During the town hall, Ivanka, who has focused on promoting a plan to expand the child tax credit, said that the credit could help young people starting families, as well as families trying to balance key needs with their budgets.

She said the Trump administration's priority in tax reform is helping middle-income Americans, adding that tax reform will also keep America competitive as businesses consider where to start or grow.

She finished off her outfit with matching blue stilettos with three-inch heels, as well as a pair of earrings made out of a string of four spheres.

Ivanka Trump has been loving a bit of Spanish high street hero Zara recently, having been spotted in a range of their tailored separates.

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