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If you don't already have a preferred text editor and just want to grab something that is free, download a copy of Sublime Text. This article on The Rapid E-Learning Blog will show you how it's done. The next step is to open a new file in Sublime Text and save it as triggers earlier, to ring it up and go "Hey link One, it's time to do your thing! I encourage you to read these articles, just don't forget to come back here when you are done! I'll add some details on how to do this into the follow up series. But if you'd prefer to do things that way, then you could greatly simplify this process by adding your . What if I want to change the anchor text in the module? Then you'll need to edit and republish your course. Here's my hyperlinks: The Egg by Andy Weir (who many years after writing this, wrote a book, that was turned into a movie that you probably watched. Seriously, it's longer than half of the books I read. This brilliant quote from Marcus Aurelius is one that I keep coming back to...

The (new current) best way to update Share Point document metadata using Flow Paul did a post back in August I’ve referred to multiple times as I’ve tried to use Microsoft Flow.When a new file shows up, I run a Flow to copy the file into a place where we want to store it and apply metadata to the copied file. Because my library has way over 5000 items, that step failed.So, until we are able to get the ID or some other useful handle for the newly created file, I needed to come up with a cleaver workaround on top of Paul’s clever workaround.You know, the one where the guy said "I don't want to come off as arrogant here, but I'm the greatest botanist on this planet.") The Elegant Secret to Self-Discipline by David Cain. Anyway, enough random linking to fascinating stuff. Grab yourself a banana before you read this one, but maybe hold off on peeling it for a moment. Let's look at how we can set these hyperlinks up in Storyline so that we can update them later if Andy, David, Tim or the last of the 'Five Good Emperors' decide to change their location on the internet. If you prefer to use buttons or other objects, that's okay as well.

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