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Although her social circles revolve around the glitterati of the fashion and entertainment industry, she says it was not easy finding dates."People think it is easy to get to know new people because we meet a lot of people in this industry.He says: "I was touched by the fact that she was listening intently to our conversation and remembered what I like." Later, Chin recalls searching for Xu's name when she got hold of the filming schedule of the Channel 8 long-form drama Life - Fear Not (2015-2016), in which they played lovers."I realised that I had feelings for him when I got the rundown and would anticipate if his name was there," she says. "Maybe when I win a Best Actor award one day, I might propose to her on stage?

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They are most demonstrative on social media and their Instagram accounts are filled with blissful wefies, goofy videos and dedications to each other.They got to know each other better during drum lessons to prepare for the President's Star Charity in 2015.Pow, who is filming Channel 5 series Faculty, says: "I would check the schedule to see who was going for the rehearsals.She was a child actress and recently starred in Channel 5's Rojak (2016) and Web series K. What if there are going to be physical scenes in the course of their work, such as the steamy one where Pow made out with actress Oon Shu An for local anthology movie, 4Love (2016)?Wang says: "That was before we got together, so I don't care.

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