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He also claimed to find under the doormat to his country home in Mittagong, west of Sydney, magazine cut outs reading 'deadly fallout from', 'killer', 'deaths', and 'fatal' attached to a piece of paper.Murray also claimed the word 'C**T' was written in lipstick across his parents' home in October while he was away in the U. Two days later he walked into the station in a highly agitated state to make another report and his behaviour was 'very odd', according to police records.Officers wrote that he continually raised his voice and was argumentative with police and 'at one stage he began to yell and pull at his hair'.On this occasion he claimed to have found 'C**T' written on the back of his 0,000 Bentley and a scratch likely made by a key along the side he said caused about ,000 damage.'At the point in time I am generally scared.Later that day he sent her photos of high-end jewellery from Cartier where he bought her a love bracelet and said she was the woman of his dreams.'There will be many more gifts coming, this is just the beginning,' he wrote in a note attached to the box he presented to her that night before they drank champagne at the Woollahra Hotel.At 4.30 the next morning he picked her up and drove her to West Head where they watched the sunrise over the ocean and he told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.This Portal is all about Bypassing Internet Censorship.

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There he claimed months earlier on February 15, 2017, he got a call from Leith-Manos while he was in Colorado saying 'I'm going to stab you in the heart' before hanging up.

Their path from lovers to bitter adversaries contesting an AVO application Murray, 47, filed against Leith-Manos, 43, in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court, began with a house renovation.

Leith-Manos, a popular beauty and travel blogger, was renovating a terrace house down the street from Murray's parents Ian and Judy in Sydney's Paddington.'You're having lunch today with the girl next door,' she wrote in a text message to him hours before their first date at the Centennial Hotel in Woollahra.

I can't understand why someone would go to this degree to scare me,' he said in his statement.'I generally believe that if I come face-to-face with her she might do something to me in the process of her escalating behaviour…

I generally feel that Renae will physically harm me.'Police did not investigate the matter or consider Leith-Manos a threat because there was no evidence she committed any crimes, and did not trust Murray's claims.'[Murray's] version of events continuously changed and he continually spoke over police when they were trying to explain to him,' they wrote.

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