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Mia was adorably dressed in a pair of star-print jeans and a grey jumper embellished with a sparkly pink heart, while both her parents also opted for casual comfort for the occasion. Enter Mia Tindall, rocking an adorable sequin sweatshirt!She's always giving her cousins Prince George and Princess Charlotte a run for their money when it comes to style, donning affordable pieces from the likes of Boden, Joules and Zara. Alternatively, get your mini-mes to wear their heart on their tee with a pick from the carousel below.This past Christmas, one fan wrote to ask if she could crash with Kiki: "So I could breathe and reboot." Days later, Kiki got a different request: "So if I wanted to send you a homemade bomb that will explode and kill you when you open it, where would I send it to?"Five years in, the cyberstalking nightmare shows no signs of stopping, and threat assessment has become the backdrop of Kiki's life.The rise, fall and stubborn survival of Kiki Kannibal, a teenage Internet celebrity who discovered that the real world can be a very scary place he first thing Kiki Ostrenga saw as she ran out the front door of her family's white ranch house were the neon-green words spray-painted across the front path: "Regal Slut." She stopped short. Her mother and 11-year-old sister stepped outside, and their faces froze in horror. Just this week, at an all-ages punk show, a pack of girls had recognized Kiki in the audience and jumped her, cramming gum into her bleached-blond hair.

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"I met a guy who said, ' I talked to a fake of yours online for two years, and I thought I was talking to you! In person, she's striking — with angular cheekbones, plump lips and enormous almond-shaped blue eyes, which she enhances to superhuman size with false lashes and liquid liner.The first was a modeling gig at a local hair salon, for which Kiki was dolled up in a pink tube top, skinny jeans and heels, her makeup now a tragic ruin.Her second appointment was with a sex-crimes detective, investigating a pedophile who had sought her out online and taken advantage of her.The youngster and her father Mike watched a working dog agility test in the main ring while Zara made her way around the cross country course.And she let off steam with a runaround the Stamford grounds, enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. ) so now more than ever is the time to invest in some good staple jumpers to see your little one through the colder seasons.

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