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It’s a definitive “yes” or “no.” There’s no ambivalence, no going back and you can’t move on until you aye or nay. When I hopped around the US last July, everyone was ignoring each other out at bars to swipe left or right.

If that person also “likes” you, it’s a “match.” All your matches are collected in a bucket on the app and then, you can chat with them. Much easier than making eye contact and striking up conversation, ?

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Some are there to Tinder window shop and solely flick through for fun and for the thrill of getting a match.The friends I visited in Chicago and New York all were on Tinder.They varied from sworn users, including one who assigned herself The Tinder Challenge and went on 10 Tinder dates in one week, to closet Tinderers who denounced the app in public but couldn’t stop swiping because it really is that addictive.In this case the goods weren’t necessarily odd, but few.Still, I stayed on for some time because of a curiosity I couldn’t quash (let’s call it the journalistic instinct) to see how the app would develop here.

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