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On the first ever episode of "After the Party", we learn a little bit about Rue the person as he speaks about his life, job, pets, being single in 2017, and his creative outlets like You Tube.

Rue also does a live "Bumble Swipe" session on the air, describing a female who has to be heard to be believed. Also, a major Rue TV announcement only heard on "After the Party".

An amicable separation was not expected, as the couple had a highly volatile relationship.

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Ric Flair has given his blessing for Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love to date her daughter, Charlotte.Find this out and much more on episode one of "After the Party"!Three months ago, we reported Ric Flair was going through his fourth divorce with his current wife Jacqueline Fliehr (aka Jacqueline Beems) while waiting for his WWE call up.While it’s pretty absurd to watch grown men react like teenage boys, we can’t help but wonder what’s worse?Kissing and telling at nearly 70-years-old or nicknaming your junk after a Disney attraction?

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