Radiocarbon dating laboratory australia

The OSL dating laboratory is also at the forefront of technical advances in the analysis and interpretation of OSL data collected from single sand-sized grains of quartz, building on the pioneering research of Roberts and Jacobs in this field.

Clockwise from top left: A Risø TL/OSL reader used for OSL measurements in the lab.

Initially the laboratory was run as a research unit measuring radiocarbon determinations for staff and student projects.

During the first five years 304 determinations were measured.

Low-power stereo-microscope facilities and a 3-D laser scanner are also available for the analysis of archaeological and faunal materials, and are situated in the clean, well-lit space of the AAR laboratory.

In 1979 Alan Hogg took over the running of the lab and worked closely with Dr.

Henry Polach (formerly Australian National University) improving the vacuum lines and counting procedures.

All rooms are fitted with safelights, similar to a photographic darkroom.

A full range of modern facilities are available to extract and purify quartz and feldspar grains for dating.

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