Objectdatasource updating event args Norsk chatteside

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why I recieve this error: Procedure or function usp_Contact Info_Update has too many arguments specified.Here is my code: Passing Objects in to Object Data Source Select I've been pulling my hair out, all I'd like to do is pass a custom Object to the Select method of the Object Data Source. I can do this via the Session State, but this is not an option, as this would cause other user issues if I were to do this.You can pass its parent form as an argument but just to pass a datawindow control, what is the syntax for this?? Data Window Control if I'm passing a datawindow. If you look at the help in Visual Studio and look at the namespace hierarchy it is pretty clear.Public Function of_some_function(By Ref adw_arg As ????????? If I might be passing a datawindow or a datastore then I use Sybase. What is the syntax ...passing object as a parameter in datasource How can I pass a custom class (in my case instance of Test) as a parameter in objectdatasource_updating method to update the user information?Cheers, Eamon Friel Axios Systems [email protected] ... Hello, I know that I have too many arguments being passed to the Insert statement in my class, but this is the only way that I know of doing it.I was thinking of splitting up the one function I have now, and create a second function that will pass the other values into the insert statement in my class, but again I have to create two insert statements.Regards Don't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you.

Hi, i need to call my insert method: Public Function Insert Document(By Val Param Array list As Object()) As Boolean ' ...

I've got an Object Data Source that's poitning to a business object. Yrs Experience, etc.) into the database using a stored procedure.

The business object (let's call it "Teacher") has a method for updating like this: public static string update Teacher(Teacher teach, string username) This method takes in a Teacher object and passes the member values (Teacher. Now, the problem I am having is that in the Update Parameters section of my Object Data Source I just have this line: How do I ta...

I mean something like For i= 1 to N my Init Func ( the Data Window.objects(...

Sql Datasource has too many arguments Can someone help me with this?

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