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During his first visit to Sam's house, Large is greeted by three rambunctious Dobermans.Trainers led the dogs in on leash, and when the actors walked through the door, handlers released the dogs and cued them to jump on Braff.If there's something going on behind that face, I neither know nor care what it is, which means that long stretches of involving her character's interiority struck me as dramatically inert.If you possess the gene that enables Portman-caring, you may find them brilliant. Honey, I asked you to get the metal wheel out of the hamster cage. We have to get the only hamsters on planet Earth..can't figure out a stupid hamster wheel. Samantha, put the clothes in the dryer and bury Jelly. Don't say that just 'cause you can't think of anything else.

One of those "For the cost of a cup of coffee a day" sort of things.

This is your one opportunity to do something that no one has done before and that no one will copy again throughout human existence.

Here I come up against what I'm fully willing to admit may be a personal limitation: I can't stand Natalie Portman. She evokes no emotional response in me beyond, "Oh, there's Natalie Portman." She doesn't overact or underact; she just stands around with whatever the appropriate expression for the scene seems to be on her sweet, pretty, childlike face.

The dead hamster Sam holds throughout the scene was supplied by a New Jersey taxidermist.

SAM’S HOUSE: FOYER [Sam and Andrew enter the house and her dogs and two large dogs hop on and begin barking at Andrew.] SAM Kevin, down.

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