Mirroring psychology dating

Because of this, she may have to endure "bad mother" accusations.

• Because the alpha female is strong, opinionated, and unlikely to endure compromise, men may either avoid her or withdraw from her (particularly beta males, who typically experience increased stress in the face of confrontation).

First and foremost you should put your best possible self out there.

Here are some of the major characteristics of today's alpha female:• She's strong-minded.

She's got people for that.• She always has her eye on a prize -- always looking to the next project.

If no goal has presented itself to her, she'll create one.• She's not afraid to threaten.

Others will logically look to her in times of turmoil. Though the alpha female recognizes that she's not male, she also sees herself as a sort of enhanced woman, rejecting the attributes that are typically considered to be feminine (sensitive, nurturing, delicate).• She's sweet when she has to be.

The alpha female has charm, and she knows how, and when, to turn it on.

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