Intimidating dog names

Of course, there are some perennial favorites, like Oliver and Lucy.

Perhaps one of our favorites this year is the super lovely and talented, Milo Monkey Boy. Just like baby names, dog names tend to go through cycles of popularity.

A bad reputation is a hard thing to shake — especially if you’re a dog.

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However unfairly these dog breeds with bad reputations may be portrayed in the social collective consciousness, educating yourself about the documented behaviors of certain breeds can save you a lot of heartache and possibly prevent a bad household situation, especially if children are involved.The American pit bull terrier is also among the breed called pit bulls.Used often for dog fighting, this breed doesn’t fare well in the minds of potential owners.The American pit bull is the result of breeding the Old English terrier and the English bulldog.Because this breed is strong and tenacious, they have been misused as tools of intimidation.

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