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Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy" and "do not leave alive anything that breaths.

Completely destroy them..the Lord your God has commanded you."Even today, no major Christian church holds a pluralist theology that each person is “saved” through his or her own religion.

For this reason, a request for a wedding involving a Hindu in a church should be considered as a very serious matter.

Baptism is the act to cleanse former (Hindu) sins and practices, and later live with Jesus Christ forever.

In one case, the Christian spouse requested the Hindu priest to put a Lord Jesus’ picture into the Hindu ceremony and the request was applauded by all attending pluralistic Hindus.

However, in another case, a Hindu youth interviewed a priest and requested on behalf of her Christian fiancée that the Hindu wedding be performed without putting a head dot (kum kum) on the Christian, the Christian will not pray to Hindu Gods and will not take any prasāda (offering from Gods).

Some of the acts of intolerance cited were actually ordered by God, like…

"When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you may must destroy them totally.

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After divorce, this one sided affidavit will have serious legal consequences.” If ultimately only Christian heritage is expected, then you should wonder why are you willing to tolerate someone’s intolerance for what you are.If your intended spouse (or in-law) is expecting that your and/or your children undergo Baptism, then you have one of two choices: 1) accept his or her Christian faith and be prepared to give up your birth religion and cultural heritage completely or 2) clarify that you have a pride in your birth religion and ask for equality by denying the Baptism religious labeling, especially for your children.Actually no one changes, but in love one fails to recognize real him or her. Does the Christian intended spouse have any reservations coming to a Hindu temple, bow to Hindu Gods and take offering (prasad) from the Gods?It is critical that a Hindu considering interfaith relationships with a Christian know “real” him or her sooner than later. Is the Christian going to be scared of the “jealous” Lord their God if he or she has to take part in a prayer (puja) to God in the form of Goddess Durga? Name is everything, as it reflects the tradition and culture the parents are proud of, and, would like the child to follow.

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