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However, backpacking into the hot, jungle atmosphere isn’t your average day-hike.

The 10-mile Havasupai Trail from the Hualapai Hilltop to Havasu Falls is a long hike and provides little protection from the boiling Arizona sun.

Taking Interstate 40, turn north onto Historic Route 66.

You may either take Exit 53 and drive about 45 miles northeast, or take the Seligman exit and drive northwest 28 miles.

We only sell carnival quality cotton candy supplies for only .50 per 50 servings Includes 50 clear bags, 10 cotton candy sticks and 1 ready to use box of cotton candy sugar.

You can choose between Pink or blue cotton candy sugar Servings for 100 .00 Servings for 150 .50 Servings for 200 .00 Servings for 250 .50 Servings for 300 .00 If you need more than 300 servings you will need to rent a second cotton candy machine if your event is around 4 hours A good way to calculate cotton candy supplies is 50 to 75% of estimated attendance.

The Kymoto is super user friendly and and makes getting around town, the college campus or in the racing pits easy and fun.

Our mechanical bull seclection is the best in Arizona with several inflatable mattresses to choose from.

Our mechanical bulls have soft heads and soft bull horns.

If considering using horses or mules, be aware that there have been many reports of animal abuse.

Day hiking in and out of Havasu Canyon is not allowed (although some choose to pay the camping fees and hike it in one day despite this rule).

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