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More seriously, however, finding early with modern faces and teeth but more primitive braincases refines our understanding of the actual process of human evolution.“The story of our species in the last 300,000 years is the story of our brain’s evolution,” said Hublin, who added that mutations likely built up over that period, changing the brain’s functional abilities along with its shape and giving the species cognitive advantages in everything from creating better technology to managing social complexities.

Along with an emphasis on pointed forms, there was an emphasis on quality materials,” Mc Pherron explained, adding that the hominins’ apparent ease of using controlled fire also speaks to their fairly advanced cognitive abilities for the time.

And there is strong evidence the hominins were indeed on the move.

The flint they were using for their tools is not local.

“We are not claiming that Morocco became the cradle of modern humankind,” Hublin said, adding that the broader conclusion from today’s papers is that, by 300,000 years ago, a very early form of had dispersed across Africa. The partial skull and other fragments of a similar hominin, dated to about 259,000 years old, was previously found at the South African site of Florisbad.

The Florisbad and Jebel Irhoud hominins may represent isolated populations of early that dispersed from an as-yet-unknown “cradle” but eventually died out; Hublin’s team believe that they are not likely to be directly ancestral to modern humans.

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