Dating usa planetalove

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The hotel I'm staying was Robbed by some arm robbers with Mask on their face.....entered my room and Order me and Allen to go on our Kneels and Pointed Gun at me and ask me to tender my life or my money or in Other case I'll loose my Son,so i started Begging them. Suddenly they shouted at me to give out everything i have for the last time!!

I am 6:0ft average built, love all what is called fun play lol.............

I have been married once, which lasted for six years, got just one kid out of it, who is the Joy of my life.

Well things do not really work out between i and ex, so we have to divorce, tho she passed on after a year of the divorce.

It really hurt me, because i know someday my son would love to see his real mom.

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