Dating online mistakes

If you do agree to meet up, make it in a public place where you have ways to exit if needed.Don’t meet at your house or a remote location, and transport yourself there so you can leave when you wish.It’s hard enough to sort through potential matches and evaluate whom you’d like to go out with, but many online daters get tripped up in other areas, too.Let’s try to make some sense of the internet dating world by reviewing some big no-nos that everyone should avoid.Talk with potential matches for a while before you agree to meet them in person.Offer to talk to them for a bit on the phone before you meet up — if they fiddle around that, it’s a bad sign.Doctoring your photos or using the single best picture of yourself isn’t a fair representation of who you are.If you spend hours in Photoshop to create the perfect set of pictures to hide your flaws, what is your date going to think when they see the real you? If your favorite picture of yourself is ten years old, that’s again not a good picture of who you are today.

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Start talking with two or three and then hide your profile while you figure out which one is a good fit for you. Instead of writing that you’re "adventurous" (yeah, you and 30,000 other women your age), why not talk about the zip-line course you conquered in Costa Rica? Write about the way you felt at Mile 20 of your first marathon. Be conscious of your safety and don’t reveal too much about yourself initially. If someone you’re interested in doesn’t respond to your email, he or she may be busy at work, overwhelmed with an overflowing inbox or taking a break from dating. Dating online takes a thick skin and a lot of patience, but in the end, it’s worth it.12. Stick with it and maintain a positive, hopeful attitude. And you might make some really nice friends in the meantime.

Don’t send a long-winded eight-paragraph introduction and include your phone number. Don’t agree to a date without talking on the phone first. Why invest time corresponding if you may not have chemistry? Even though you’ve dated emotionally unbalanced drama queens in the past, resist the temptation to write, "Drama queens need not apply" in your profile.

If your potential date doesn’t appeal to you after a 20-minute chat, politely let him or her know it’s not a match. Stay positive and talk about what you like, not what you dislike.

If you get overwhelmed and your inbox fills up with unanswered emails, you may unwittingly reject someone wonderful. Everything (even online dating) is better in moderation.7. Most profiles are filled with adjectives like athletic, passionate, adventurous, romantic, spontaneous, etc. Your profile should be uniquely you — written in your own voice speaking directly to the reader.8. Consider giving out a Google Voice phone number instead of your own. Dating is a numbers game, and you’ve simply got to meet a lot of different people before you find someone special. Michelle Jacoby is an award-winning matchmaker and dating coach.

And create a separate email address to use for dating — one that doesn’t give away your identity. If you’re under the impression that you’re going to meet "the one" within two months of filling out your profile, you’re probably wrong. To discover the mistakes that will kill your chances of finding love, download Michelle's FREE ebook "The 12 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Chances Of Finding Mr.

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