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Videos from this program are available below thanks to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and CAIL.

Access CAIL Recordings: Annual Program on Actual Innocence here. #@# Access CAIL Recordings: Actual Innocence - Habeas Issues here. #@# These programs were held and recorded at The Center for American & International Law (CAIL) with funds from a grant from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The Snapshot analysis service developed by Virginia-based Parabon uses DNA to estimate the colour of an individuals hair, skin and eyes, as well as face shape, and then creates an image that should look similar to the person.

The composite is a scientific approximation of what the man police are searching for looked like, and not an exact replica of his appearance.

The on-demand webinar is free and attendees who complete the course are eligible for CLE credit.

This webinar was made possible by BJA Grant #2015-CP-BX-K006.

Parabon developed this technology several years ago, funded by the United States Department of Defense.

Skeptics have questioned how accurate the composites can be, but company officials say they are intended to provide enough of a likeness of a person to jog the memories of witnesses or to help police decide which suspects to focus on.

NCSTL offered the next installment in its series of Crime Scene to Courtroom Forensics webinars.The department said [] it is reviving work on federal standards for forensic expert testimony, an effort initiated following revelations in 2015 that FBI experts had overstated the strength of evidence involving microscopic hair analysis in hundreds of cases dating back decades.Longstanding concerns remain about the reliability of certain forensics evidence in criminal cases across the country, as research increasingly shows that techniques such as comparisons of hair found at crime scenes, handwriting analyses, bite-mark evidence and certain ballistics tests are scientifically flawed.According to an article in FIU News, Florida International University (FIU) is in partnership with four universities to develop the next generation of forensic science tools for government agencies, non-profits and private industry.The Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) partnership received National Science Foundation (NSF) support to create a new Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science, the first NSF-supported center addressing these challenges. The new center will draw heavily on the expertise of FIU and its partners, George Washington University and Northeastern University, in the areas of forensic chemistry, forensic microbiology, forensic molecular biology, and forensic psychology.

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