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It’s like going to a supermarket without a grocery list when you’re feeling very hungry.If you’re anything like me, you may have bought a whole bunch of stuff you did not need, but may have forgotten to buy something as basic as milk and sugar, which you really needed. So let’s put the main focus on putting together a list of what you DO WANT that is in alignment with your core values, and expresses what you want to experience and share in your new relationship.In this list, you’ll describe all of the physical and non-physical characteristics you envision your soulmate to have.Here you want to include things that will begin to describe the kind of man or woman who would really make your heart sing.And what all these people have in common is the conviction that the person they’re with, for whatever reason, is the one that they are meant to be with.I believe that Soul mates are people who share some sort of destiny together, and have a deep spiritual connection with each other.

When you commit to manifesting your soulmate you’re saying, in essence, that you’re ready for the next stage of your unfoldment, your evolution.Would they be interested in hanging out with you, in dating you? In other words, if you haven’t found the right person it’s probably because you are not being the right person!As Marianne Williamson says, “We must become the person we want to attract.” The Process of Manifesting Your Soulmate is, for the most part, an Inner Journey.It has nothing to do with other people, but it has everything to do with embodying an idea, a quality, so that you live from it, each and every moment.Now, suppose that you begin to get clear about the kind of person that your soulmate is.

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