Consolidated vs consolidating balance sheet

Following the railroad model, the job of regulating the trucking industry fell to the Interstate Commerce Commission."Regulators tried to turn trucks into railroads," says Gallamore."Our parent company, CNF Incorporated, sold Freightliner Corporation (the heavy truck manufacturer), and we ended up with a large cash supply," he says.CNF leadership sought investment opportunities that would grow the company going forward.September 15, 2004 | Leslie Hansen Harps No tags available Join us for a look back at the history of trucking in the United States, lessons motor carriers have learned through the years, and what the road ahead looks like for shippers and carriers.

"The financing system was 'pay as you go,' which set up the Highway Trust Fund.The heightened competition to excel at the supply chain game "has accelerated since the deregulation of trucking," Petty says.Despite challenges such as driver shortages, traffic congestion, increased regulation, rising costs and security issues, truckers continue to find ways to get product to market safely and more efficiently.The highway system was to be graded and lane-separated, with at least four lanes and no traffic lights.Ninety percent of the cost of constructing the system was paid for by the federal government, with the states picking up the remainder.

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