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Aelred over at the duly-named blog site “Spiritual Friendship” (with the Twitter handle “Aelreds Friends”).

The New Homophiles embrace and promote an interpretation of St.

Aelred’s understanding of genuine (spiritual) friendship, its testing and forming, and its “consummation” which can only be realized among the “perfect” (those who achieve abiding spiritual progress toward that deep union with God).

Just as authentic Christian spiritual perfection regarding union with God transcends the temporal by giving the “perfect” a foretaste of the eternal Beatific Vision, so too spiritual friendship is reality for those united in this friendship.

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The recount court determined that a ballot that wasn’t counted on Tuesday was a vote for Republican Del.

The Key to Understanding “Eros”: It’s About Time So, can “same-sex eros,” as claimed by some of the New Homophiles, enter into St. Even the authentic eros of conjugal love is a the complete and eternal realization of our union with God.

Aelred’s notion of “spiritual friendship,” so long as same-sex sex acts are avoided? The Catholic Church’s understanding of authentic eros is that it complementarity and reciprocity. Aelred, in contrast, makes it The mark of the union of “spiritual friendship” is that, once entered into, it becomes a never-ceasing reality that lasts beyond death and into eternal life. Aelred says, an expression of the “Sabbath rest” of true love rooted in the yoke of Jesus Christ (cf. It’s only through such a union with the Divine that we can experience an endless “spiritual friendship” that begins in time but lasts forever.

The New Homophiles are proposing that two people with SSA should be able to publicly vow lifelong commitment to one another, within their Church communities. Aelred’s writing doesn’t support this notion, for two main reasons.

with these memorable words, there is no mistaking what he means.

Rick and Louie anticipate a mutually respectful—and beneficial—relationship, arising from their past shared experiences and based upon continuing common interests.

First, we’ve just noted that “exclusivity” is not a feature of spiritual friendship.

Second, as mentioned above regarding the temporal vows of of friendship is superfluous to the meaning St.

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