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He might have even helped criminals posing as researchers.'Friend Andrew Mabbitt, a British digital security specialist who had been staying in a £5million rented Las Vegas mansion with Hutchins, said: 'I refuse to believe the charges.

He spent his career stopping malware, not writing it.' Court documents accuse him of being responsible for creating the Kronos banking Trojan - but this tweet from the time shows he asks for a sample, with his friends questioning why he would do that when he was supposed to have created it Hutchins was held after a week partying at a hacking conference in Vegas where he took over a £5million mansion with the city's biggest private pool and rented a £200,000 Lamborghini Huracan to race around in.

A Las Vegas federal judge has set bail of ,000 for 23-year-old Hutchins.

The judge said Marcus is not a danger to the community and has sufficient community support to not be a flight risk.

Hutchins was arrested Wednesday while returning home from the Def Con convention for computer security professionals.

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Federal agents took him into custody and he appeared in the Las Vegas court on Thursday but the hearing was adjourned to be continued today.The so-called malware, called Kronos, has reportedly been used to steal money from bank accounts in France and Hutchins is accused of writing the virus, known as malware, in 2014.Marcus Hutchins now faces months battling the American courts and could be jailed for 40 years if found guilty of taking part in a hacking conspiracy to steal bank details.After the conclusion of today’s bizarre “press conference” with Roy Moore, hate group leader Janet Porter invited questions “about the issues” from the throng of reporters.Unsurprisingly, all anybody wanted to ask about was the allegations against Moore.

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