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On the day, celebration started eary as usual in the old, Irish, family tradition.

Elaine had downed several vodka’s before the service and quite a few more afterwards.

We ended up going into town and passing a bar were a band were playin. I am not much of a dancer,but Elaine knows that and immediately threw herself onto the floor and got going with the hip action.

Elaine is 32 years old and has kept her looks and figure very well.

I had tried to interest my wife Elaine in porn movies and she had seemed to enjoy it using sex toys for a while, but then we would find ourselves back to the hum drum routine.

The fact that Elaine had been brought up strictly and was educated at a convent school,had instilled inhibiting ideas and values into her,such as ” Sex is for producing a family .

Elaine’s eyes were a little glazed and she was giggling and telling him he was “A naughty,naughty man”.

I said I would get a cab and despite Elaine’s protests that she wanted stay there, I called one.

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He was working at the meat packing factory to support his wife back home. I suddenly found myself lying and saying that Elaine enjoyed coming to dance with men.He hesitated,then looking over at Dimitri who had sat down next to Elaine and was kissing her neck, he said, “Well maybe just the one”.I went into the kitchen,got out the vodka and poured 4 shots before going back into the lounge. She was mumbling incoherently and her eyes were glazed.When we arrived Elaine had to be almost pulled out of the seat.Dimitri helped me stand Elaine up and the cab driver got out and asked if we needed help.

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