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And me, as a dual national, female, very westernised journalist would stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting out unscathed were I to set foot in the country ever again.During the Iranian Revolution, when Reza Shah Pahlavi – the ruling monarch – was overthrown and replaced with the Islamic Republic, my relative was executed in Evin prison after being held for six months as a political prisoner. Bringing blankets and food to the ordinary people whose lives had been turned upside down by the turbulent and sudden sweeping of a new, terrifying Islamic government across the country simply because their religion or family name was not the right one.Or been to Iran and seen how beautiful it is, and how wonderful the people are.And then they would understand why Nazanin felt like taking her beautiful little girl to visit her parents in the country of her birth was an absolute right. She should have been able to take her baby to spend time with her grandparents and return home to London two weeks later as planned, to be reunited with her husband and get on with her life.To this day, they are not allowed to mark his grave.Any epitaph left on the site of the mass grave is destroyed by the ever-patrolling Revolutionary Guard.And because of what my family has experienced, I know the deep injustices that occur daily.

As an only child, those holidays to Iran were the absolute highlight of my year and whenever my trip was finished, I would leave with a broken heart and unstoppable tears for I knew it would be months before I saw my family again.

In fact, she’d travelled with her baby four times to see her family without incident in the 22 months preceding her arrest. Before embarking on my career, I spent weeks, months even in Iran every year.

I flew there to spend precious time with my extended family during summer holidays from school, or for Persian Noruz, just like Nazanin’s last trip.

It gave the Iranian authorities ammunition to haul long-suffering Nazanin back to court – although they later denied that was the reason –but it has also proven to a tipping point for the British Government, finally forcing their hand to acknowledge the injustice she is suffering and increasing public pressure to bring Nazanin home.

Boris’ astonishingly ignorant remarks threw Nazanin’s case – a clear miscarriage of justice – into the spotlight and galvanised the British Press.

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